MOre Transport Fuels from Organic Residues.

Project MOTOR


The aim of the project MOTOR is the production of advanced biofuels from paper sludge for heavy duty transport and aviation. This Paper Sludge is provided by Smurfit Kappa, a world leader in the production of paper based packaging solutions. In a consortium of three SME’s, two large industries and two research organisations, Q8 is happy to participate in this project, gaining insight in new technologies that ultimately can be applied globally

The consortium wants to develop novel technologies that ultimately can be applied globally. (Paper) waste is everywhere and industrial fermentation can be executed all over the world. During the  project period, a techno-economic analysis will confirm the economic feasibility of this production technique.

This research has the potential to contribute to reduction of CO2 emission: the use of enzymatic conversions is very energy efficient, because all techniques are done at ambient conditions. This means a major advantage for the overall low CO2-footprint of this fuel

  CO2 Footprint

ACTIVITIES of Q8Research

The main role of Q8Research in this project is to assess the potential to convert long chain alcohols into liquid fuels and the feasibility to market them from commercial and legal point of view

  • In depth analysis of long chain aliphatic alcohols or ketones produced during enzymatic condensation
  • Hydrotreatment of long chain aliphatic alcohols or ketones and qualify them as blend-stock (or pure) or co-processing liquids for jet fuel and diesel);



MOTOR is supported by ‘Topsector Energiesubsidie’ of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

June 2019 - May 2022
€ 408.432
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