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Bitumen is the main component for asphalt. By nature the bitumen quality can vary within the same specifications. This has an impact on the end-quality of the asphalt.

Correct parameter setting at the asphalt mill is determining for the end quality. The setting is depending on a variable bitumen quality.

Our challenge is to give you spot-on advice to guarantee a top-quality asphalt with bitumen from different sources.

Our expertise

  • Q8Research has 50 years experience with product analysis
  • A team of experts handles issues and offers solutions to customers
  • Q8Research has a full equipped analytical lab

Our offer

  • We take the samples at your facilities of different bitumen qualities, by professional samplers to make sure we have enough product and sampled at the right location to make a correct analysis of the product
  • The samples are analysed in a professional lab with legally approved analysis methods (ASTM, EN, DIN)
  • Our experts make an interpretation of the results and compose an advisory report​​​​​

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